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I am a conceptual performance artist that creates immersive dramatic spectacles, using the mystique of the fantastic and vérité. My postmodern theatre work is the result of mixed cultural experiences, with an analytic perspective behind nature, magical thinking, supernatural and universal existential thoughts. I incorporate into my work "art as a vehicle" to exaggerate everyday reality and blend together the real with fantasy, magic, myth and natural phenomena. I combine fantastic elements through a narrative of virtual images mingled with live action in the real space where the action is happening. My intention is to create equilibrium between the everyday real atmosphere and the magical one: imaginary characters doing mundane things and mundane characters doing unreal and fantastic things. To tell stories in the scenic space, I use my  transdisciplinary art method. It contains written work, design, performing and visual arts. I call my eclectic work, performance-art-cinema™ (Theatre-Media). I design the whole production and hand make the visual elements: costumes, masks and life-sized puppets characters as objects of art. I utilize recycled materials and found objects. As part of the visual concept, I create scenic virtual sets and multimedia video, shot with cinéma vérité techniques and documentary and film footage. My mise-en-scène connects the virtual narrative of moving images with a preconceived plot, and the spontaneous performance-art action. I direct the ensemble to blend in with the environment as a potent ingredient. Time and space become one, and the imaginary fourth wall is removed to engage the audience as a “real” witness of an "immersive dramatic spectacle". –Roi Escudero


A performance-art cinema installation for the stage Scene: The Apocalyptic Party-Omni Terra-The Red Zone 


Credits:  Picture 1) ©2018  The 11th Dimension by Roi Escudero  -  A post-modern performance-art cinéma ™ vérité tale. told in the 11th Dimension. 

© Painting: The Robot's  Astrolabe by James Ewan - Collection Marcia Simon Weisman - 

© Video by Valentin Ewan  - In the Video,  Jack Placidi as Dr. Destino 

In the picture Cesar Valderrama as B2 and Roi Escudero as Bubulina.

Picture 2) In the picture: Roi Escudero as Mrs. Mind and Cesar Valderrama as B2 

SONG: Dos Pesos - Nuevo Beat by Pakapi Records is licensed under an Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0

United States License.

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