THE ARTAUD series  

“Tolstoy said that ‘the most important thing in life and art is to tell the truth.’   I chose to portray Antonin Artaud’s visionary genius and brilliant madness as a way to denounce the hypocrisies of society. I consider Artaud’s truth to be important and relevant to the  present time, where the emotional and physical ‘cruelty’ of terror is everywhere, disguised behind the powers of good and evil.“  -Roi Escudero

ARTAUD MARAT a  ROI ESCUDERO performance-art  vérité tale 


a Documentary Performance art-cinemaplay inspired by the lucid madness of a beloved genius.





ARTAUD MARAT  performance-art vérité tale 

Written  Designed and Directed



Movement  by IOAN ARDELEAN

Produced by ETdC Projects’ Lab  and VALENTIN EWAN

Mardi Gras is happening outside and the audience is brought inside Antonin Artaud's mind, where the imaginary, the symbolic and the real manifest themselves. A post-modern installation of performance-art, movement, music, sound poetry and film, which evokes the full force of the life, work and lucid madness of the beloved visionary genius.



Ioan Ardelean as ARTAUD and ALL his HALLUCINATIONS


Valentin Ewan as The CARETAKER



Playwright/Director/ Production Designer-mise en scène: scenic design, costumes, mask, objects of art, and multimedia video concept, designed and realized by Roi Escudero  

Producer/Dramaturg/Stage Manager/Videographer/ Multimedia Technical Director: Valentin Ewan

Virtual Painting in the pix: Celestial Intruder by James Ewan

We are workshopping the piece at this moment.

ARTAUD MARAT will be presented at the FRIGID Festival, winter 2020

Spring 2020 at The Medicine Show Theatre and The 13 Repertory Theatre

 Summer 2020 at The International  ATELIER Festival, at the Municipal Theatre Baia-Mare 02-09 June 2020


More information to come...


I want to thank Joan and Frederick M. Nicholas, founder and former Chairman of the Board of The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles, CA, for their unconditional support and encouragement to my performance-art work, and the work produced at ETdC Projects’ Lab. More gratitude also to The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation for its generosity, as well as to Randi Berry and The Indie Theater Fund for its grant Pay the Artist, and

The League of Independent Theater.



To Erez Ziv, Artistic Director at FRIGID New York, Emily Godfrey, FRIGID 2020 Marketing and PR, Genny Yosco, Artist Coordinator, Joey Neill, Technical Director. 


I extend my gratitude to Chris Brandt, Artistic Director, Medicine Show Theatre New York,  Joe Battista, Artistic Director,  13 Repertory Theatre New York.  Mika Oyaizu,  Jack Placidi, and all the Artists in residence at ETdC Projects’ Lab and its Studio Associated Artists for their talent and dedication during the creative process of the development of ARTAUD MARAT.


Many thanks to the actors who portrayed Artaud in the prior versions of the Artaud series: Andy Chmelko, Fletcher Liegerot, and Brad Burgess, the cast and production team. Merci, Artaud.

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Roi Escudero's work is under the umbrella of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.                                                                                               



“Bubi is a director of the third millennium.” “Bravo!”

-Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi

“Artaud…mon momo” — Roi “Bubi” Escudero is a one-of-a-kind artist, with a deep knowledge of the avant-garde, a limitless imagination and a penchant for never repeating herself. This is her second look at the ethos of “Theater of Cruelty” inventor Antonin Artaud. There won’t be anything in the festival remotely like it.–Martin Denton

“Antonin…mon Artaud, the latest play/multimedia installation/performance art piece by Roi "Bubi" Escudero and her collaborators at ETdC Projects' Lab, is an ambitious and intriguing exploration of the life and ideas of one of the seminal figures of 20th century theatre.”  “Dazzling video and sonic imagery.”  “Enthralling.”

–Martin Denton

Artaud…mon mômo

In the Pictures:  Brad Burgess, Bryant Carroll*, Mika Oyaizu, Kimberly Carvalho, Ashley Carvalho, Roi Escudero, Ioan Ardelean and Antonin Artaud

Antonin Artaud as Marat - Napoléon  by Abel Gance (1927)

Chanson: Aimer À Perdre La Raison est adaptée du poème de Louis Aragon

« La croix pour l’ombre » © 1971 Compositeur Jean Ferrat   

Producteur Barclay

 ©Pictures by James Ewan, Valentin Ewan and Roi Escudero.   

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