ETdC Projects’ Lab Statement Mission and Method

ETdC Projects' Lab supports all the colors of the rainbow, networking art, culture and knowledge with artists around the world. It is based in New York City and has an international multilingual and multigenerational creative team.  

The projects developed in the lab have an Eco-friendly and humanistic approach based on multiculturalism, ethics and aesthetics. Its objective is to promote cultural and creative integration through documentary visual theatre, performance-art, physical-theatre, dance, music, visual art, video, cinéma vérité and technology.  ETdC Projects’ Lab’s formula fuses all forms of self-expression to create inventive, cutting edge, immersive dynamic spectacles where the world and its habitat are the protagonists. 

ETdC Projects’ Lab under Roi Escudero’s leadership has tirelessly worked for 20 years in the New York City indie-theater to create art for the community and opportunities for artists. We bring together artists of all backgrounds, giving them a space for expression and an international network of peers and collaborators, allowing each of them to share and display the strength of their talents and art forms in multidisciplinary works of art.

ETdC Projects' Lab produces Roi Escudero's inter-media work as a conceptual performance artist, dramatist, designer and director. It also produces the collaborative work of its artists-in-residence, including playwrights, directors, musicians, dancers, choreographers and performers. The lab supports a collaborative, production-based learning environment. Roi uses her original method to train and guide the performers during the creative process. She has tirelessly worked to mentor both young and old, believing that each voice is important to the art of theater and its community. We have welcomed and trained novices and experts alike, bringing to each something new via the wide range of artists and talents in our Lab.  ETdC Projects’ Lab has also been a place for artists of all origins to tell their stories and mix the best of themselves and their cultures with works onstage.

​ETdC Projects' Lab presents site-specific installations, stage readings, workshops, showcases and full media-art theatre productions. Its projects are considered works-in-progress and are continually evolving with different guest artists and apprenticeships until the projects are presented as comprehensive productions. The projects developed at ETdC Projects’ Lab are designed to be portable and take place in festivals, theaters, educational and cultural settings, and non-traditional sites. 

ETdC Projects’ Lab has journeyed into productions of all manner and subject, in countless types of venues, and knows that it is as important for the theater to educate and empower as it is to entertain. Our award-winning productions have championed ethical, cultural and social causes and supported groups like The League of Independent Theater Fund, (The LIT Fund), The Indie Theater Fund and the Children’s Aid Society. 

Art and Education 

​ETdC Projects’ Lab collaborates with other arts organizations and educational institutions that have partnering residencies with teaching artists. The Lab produces creative educational events and workshops of self-expression for teachers and multigenerational students. The projects are bilingual and can be developed, instructed and presented in English/Spanish. ETdC Projects’ Lab is particularly flexible and resourceful in adapting Roi’s creative concept, method and techniques to the needs of partnering organizations and institutions. The primary focus is always to develop the talent and interest of participants and to support the community’s involvement in that effort. Currently Roi and the artists in residence at ETdC Projects’ Lab freelance for cultural and educational institutions.

For ten years Roi was an artist-in-residence at The Children’s Aid Society at The Philip Coltoff Greenwich Village Center, where Roi taught self-expression through performance-art and multimedia. Roi and her Lab also provided free education in association with schools such as PS 183 and the Salk School of Science. She is also the creator of an art program for schools: Performance-art in the classroom, and an ECO-Friendly multimedia project: For The Well Being of the Earth, which was created with the collaboration of the international renowned Animal rights activist Dr. William Karesh, guest artists and apprentices.

La Zanaoria (C) 2018 by Roi Escudero (1)


Through the loss of spaces and other difficulties in New York City, ETdC Projects’ Lab has thanks to the generosity of others, and its capable leadership under Roi Escudero and her collaborators, continuously created powerful and relevant theater with so little.

ETdC Projects’ Lab wants to thank Patron of The Arts Joan and Frederick M. Nicholas, founder and former Chairman of the Board of The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Los Angeles, CA, for their unconditional support and encouragement to Roi Escudero performance-art work, and the work produced at ETdC Projects’ Lab. More gratitude also to The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation for its generosity, The Puffin Foundation, The Indie Theater Fund for its grant Pay the Artist and The LIT Fund, and The Time Center for the rehearsal space grant.

We extend our gratitude to all the past and present Artists in residence at ETdC Projects’ Lab and its Studio Associated Artists for their talent and dedication during the creative process.

Roi Escudero and ETdC Projects’ Lab are proud members of The Indie Theater Fund and The LIT Fund, League of Independent Theater. Roi is also a member of SADAIC, Argentina. The artist's work is under the umbrella of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.