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ARTAUD series


“Bubi is a director of the third millennium.” “Bravo!” (Artaud...mon momo) -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi


“Antonin…mon Artaud, the latest play/multimedia installation/performance art piece by Roi "Bubi" Escudero and her collaborators at ETdC Projects' Lab, is an ambitious and intriguing exploration of the life and ideas of one of the seminal figures of 20th century theatre.”  “Dazzling video and sonic imagery.”  “Enthralling.” (Antonin…mon Artaud) –Martin Denton






“It's very unusual for a show's title to serve perfectly as a capsule summary of my review, but in this case it seems exactly appropriate.

This new multimedia show from the indomitable, surprising, and supremely talented "Bubi" Escudero is a trip and a half, in more ways than one. Bubi's imagination, vision, and humanity inform every moment of what @ trip! And yet here, more than in previous productions created by this actor-director-playwright-designer, the mark of many collaborators is enormously in evidence. It's an intriguing work of theatre.[…]

what @ trip! exemplifies what I love about the kind of theatre that Bubi creates: it's imaginative, it's gutsy, and it's utterly true to itself. There are no rules in a show like this, save to be ready to embrace whatever comes before you. Such courageous art is not so common these days, and has much to teach its audience and, I venture to guess, its performers as well.” –Martin Denton


“Escudero makes us reflect. Original!” (what@trip!) -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi


“Roi “Bubi” Escudero’s artistic point of view and multimedia work is exceptional!” (what@trip!) –Fuera de Serie- Channel 56


“It is a potential masterpiece.” (what@trip!) - Jill Benezra - Artist and Art Advocate


After Charlie 


“Roi Escudero—"Bubi" to anyone she's ever met and anyone who's ever seen one of her extraordinary shows—doesn't believe in walls. She's against barriers of any kind: artistic ones that would attempt to put any of the multitudinous disciplines that make up her work—music, dance, poetry, mime, mask, puppetry, fashion, architecture, video, and others…” “There's sure to be nothing quite like After Charlie elsewhere in the New York Musical Theatre Festival. Yet, for all its fantastical, convention- and genre-defying ways, this show is one of the most real and most grounded works of theatre I've seen in quite some time.” (After Charlie)

–Martin Denton


“After Charlie is the best musical of the month!” (After Charlie) -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi


Bubulinos Archetypes


Bubulinos Archetypes by Roi "Bubi" Escudero has an exceptional imagination, clever use of projections, rhythm, improvisation, and music. Original! Brava! An artist that knows how to use the world of multimedia, Commedia dell' arte and the passion and love of young actors. The children are well prepared and perform with great spontaneity. Bravissimi! Warm applause for everyone." -Mario Fratti America Oggi 


"Spontaneous, unique and absolutely liberating." (The Dimension of Progress) -Tom DeTitta - Director of World Communities -Projects Based Theatre



Other productions


A Proverbial Affair 


 “A jewel, well constructed by Roi Escudero. Three perfect actors well directed by the author.” (A Proverbial Affair) -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Ogg


"Another great cast: Andy Chmelko, Jennifer Loryn, and Eddy Rimada…" (A Proverbial Affair)  - Ivanna Cullinan -


La Playa by Roi Escudero

“Roi Escudero "Bubi" directs with great style and astonishing originality … intriguing story … talented actors and musicians …” (La  Playa)  -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi


Argentina Passionate 


“Passion and Tango! “”Roi "Bubi" Escudero's Argentina Passionate is a genuine jewel.” “A real success!” (Argentina Passionate)  -Mario Fratti - Playwright/Critic -American Oggi


Plays by Mario Fratti, adapted into a performance-art theatrical installation, designed and directed by  Roi Escudero 


The Colonel's Wife


"Rightly billed as "installation" instead of a mere play, creating a bravura sensory experience of dance, music, film, drama and comedy. Somehow it seems as natural as spring water, seeing and hearing this tale in this unconventional manner, it's also about as sexy a theatre experience as any l've witnessed…spectacularly original, eminently watchable piece… Bubi's vision of what theatre can be is intoxicating and thrilling…" (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti)  -   Martin


"Those lucky enough to see any of the performances were treated to a theatrically thrilling, emotionally powerful experience…" (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti)  - Alfred Weiss- The Italian Voice


"Bubi's performance as the angry and betrayed woman was arresting. Her piercing eyes and curly long hair recalled a Latin Medea. " (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti) -Arlene McKanic, Off-Off Broadway Review



"Charmingly portrayed by Roi Escudero "Bubi” … evolves beautifully and takes you willingly along on its mesmerizing journey."  (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti) -Laurie Lawson, NY Electronic Link


"A well-structured, powerful play. An exciting show." (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti) -Catharine Wall-Il Ponte Italo -Americano Revista Internationale Di Cultura Arte e Poesia


"Offbeat, playful and achingly human." - (The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti) -Reviewed by Esther Tolkoff for Backstage Online


The Anniversary


“Convincing ensemble …guided by Ms. Escudero’s masterful direction…” (The Anniversary by Mario Fratti) - Alfred Weiss- The Italian Voice




The Matra India, (translated and adapted into a performance-art piece from La Matra India.  A short  story by Augusto Patricio González Novoa), A Tarahumara’s Tear (video) and Matinee by Roi Escudero


 “There are dozens of novelties at the ‘Planet Connections Theatre Festivity’. Also participating this year, the Argentine director Roi Escudero with one of her most original performance-art piece. It compiles Matinee, and a video: A Tarahumara’s Tear with a powerful monologue performed by Andy Chmelko translated, designed and directed by  Roi Escudero from La Matra India by Augusto Patricio González Novoa.”.

“Roi “Bubi” Escudero does not disappoint, ever.” -(The Matra India and Matinee)–Mario Fratti - America Oggi 


“Roi Escudero, ultimate visual-dramatic artist” (Matinee, A Tarahumara’s Tear and The Matra India) –John Chatterton – Producer, Entrepreneur


”The Matra India, by Escudero, is itself a collage, consisting of an eponymous short play (adapted from a story by Augusto Patricio González Novoa) preceded by a tango/video sequence and followed by a sketch called


“Matinee.”  All three are interwoven around an Indian blanket that Escudero found on a Hopi reservation.  The pieces concern themselves directly with the conquest and slaughter of Native Americans by Europeans from the 16th to 19th centuries, and the way that this was spun by mainstream culture subsequently (e.g., in cowboy movies and elsewhere).  The piece also has some subtext, I think, contrasting two ways of making art – homemade work (like the blanket) that is both functional and fueled by a craftperson’s passion or love, versus mass-produced work (movies, TV) that is built for economic profit and consumption.  The Matra India has a very DIY aesthetic, as is typical of all of Escudero’s theatre work.  A clearly heartfelt curtain speech by Escudero, explaining why this production is supporting the Children’s Aid Society, added much to the proceedings.”  (The Matra India and Matinee) -Martin Denton



 “The designer  Roi Escudero contributes a stately set, excellent period costumes and interesting special effects.” (Beyond the Veil by John Chatterton)    – OnOFFOFFFred McKinnon



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